Dienstag, 14. April 2015

Anamnesis - die Klartraum-Webserie

Seit Samstag ist die Webserie "Anamnesis" auf Youtube zu sehen.
Grandios setzt sie das Thema Klarträumen und Shared Dreaming in Szene.

Interssanterweise kann allein die Beteiligung an einem Klartraumfilm einen Klartraum auslösen. In einem Interview  berichtet Michael und Alex:

Michael: The only lucid dream that I can for sure say was me becoming lucid happened during the midst of shooting the series. Between researching lucid dreaming, and writing the scripts, and then filming all the scenes, all of that information was swirling around in my head all the time.
Alex: I had a really striking wake-induced lucid dream during the production of
Anamnesis. I had woken up extra-early one morning, and as I was falling back asleep I managed to maintain awareness. I‘ll never forget the moment I passed into the dream state: all at once, I felt my body launch off the bed and hover for a moment near the  
ceiling of my bedroom

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