Mittwoch, 16. März 2016

Klarträumer, Gamer und Meditierende für eine Umfrage gesucht

Für eine Studie werden Teilnehmer gesucht. Die Betreuerin des Projektes ist  Jayne Gackenbach, Ph.D., Department of Psychology, MacEwan University. Die Teilnahme an dieser Umfrage kann nur spannend werden.

Hello there, 
What are the unknown interactions of meditation? Of video gaming? In the psychology department of MacEwan University we are currently completing some interesting research in the area of dreams, video gaming, and meditation as part of an ongoing study of human behaviour. 
Right now we are looking for participants that are avid gamers or meditators to complete an online survey. The survey includes general questionnaires and interactive components that in total take about 1 hour to finish.Everything in the survey is anonymous and can be saved and continued at any point on the same computer within one week of starting.For this survey to provide valid results a large sample of individual survey participants is required and that is why I would like to thank every single person who takes the time to complete the survey and contribute to my research.Here is the link:  
Take the survey yourself and share it around if you find its content and purpose particularly interesting!

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